banksys' success in fast motion

kind of a time lapse and a tribute to banksy. shown on ARTE, found on http://urbanshit.de/.


illegallerie hamburg

u can find an informal kind of gallery in hamburg, where free street art artists came together to protest against grey and ugly places in thier city.
i don't know exactly when the illegallerie was made, but today many of the great paste-ups are destroyed. it's kinda sad to see only the rest of the pieces, but that's street art, too - quickly gone!
my favourite work is the one of "mindfuck", at least one of those pieces, which are sill intact...











broke off

haubachstraße, hamburg-altona (holstenstraße)

more illegalleries here:


rebelzer again

more photos from the gängeviertel in hamburg, presenting rebelzer...






rebelzer 101

one of the finest hamburg street art artists - REBELZER


t-shirt alert 0.2

first one!


"The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls."
(- Simon and Garfunkel in The Sound of Silence, 1964)

"Die Bastardkunst der verachteten Straßen, die sonst kaum einmal unsere Neugier entzünden kann, so schattenhaft, dass irgendein Wetter, ein Anstrich ihre Spuren verwischt, sie wird ein Wertmaßstab. Ihr Gesetz ist verbindlich, es stellt all jene mühevoll eingerichteten ästhetischen Systeme aif den Kopf. Die Schönheit ist nicht das Objekt der Kreation, sie ist die Belohnung dafür. (...) Was bleibt von den zeigenössischen Werken übrig, angesichts einer solchen Konfrontation?"
(- Brassai in L'art batard des rues mal famées, 1933)

"Die Wände haben das Wort!"
(- Slogan der Studentenunruhen der 1960er)

quoted from: Johannes Stahl (2008): "Street Art", Tandem Verlag, Bonn.

stairway art event photos

here are some photos i've taken at the stairway art event. it's just a few because my camera wasn't loaded... but i want to take a few more own photos of the new stairway soon.






more shore

one more picture by stephen shore, just because it's great!

stencil 0.6

next piece. this time created by myself as my very first stencil. and just as a "remembrance. not the best technique and really simple motive, but it's something, i guess. picture off a sprayed version will follow sooooon...

stencil 0.5

found in marburg at the university, very funny!

vivious stilwerk photos

i'm going to post the photos of the art event at stilwerk hamburg, when my camera will be repaired. you can find a documentation of the event here already:

i like the milk-throwing guy with a milk-head the most! like i said my own photos will follow soon...
also one of the artists' name is "TenTen", bit similar to my name, funny!


my new t-shirt in progress. photo of the first shirt i created will follow, when my digital camera will work again. but the first one is based on this with the text "FREE YOURSELF" on it, too:

the second shirt is going to look like this eventually with the text "JUNK CITY" below the picture:


probably the stencil might look like this, but i'm not satisfied with it up to now so i'm going to work on it again:



vicious stilwerk

i'm going to visit this action today. hopefully they'll let me in so that i can take some pictures. mainly i'm interested in the working-process of the artists, although i don't know any of them by name.

Ein Treppenhaus wird zum Kunstwerk – acht Urban Art-Künstler gestalten das stilwerk
stilwerk wird zum Kunstwerk: am 14. November 2009 gestalten acht Urban Art-Künstler unter dem Motto „stilwerk stairway art event“ das bisher rote Treppenhaus des Designcenters an der Großen Elbstraße.
Acht Künstler, acht Etagen, acht Kunstwerke: von morgens bis abends sind die Künstler – darunter mehrere Hamburger – Pablo „Sozyone“ Gonzalez, Nils Kasiske, Kristian Kutschera, Form 76, Felix Schüter, Golden Green 179, Tenten und Mr. Nonski am Samstag, den 14.11. am Werk und verleihen jeder Etage des Treppenhauses im stilwerk ein ganz eigenes Gesicht. Jedem der Urban Art-Künstler steht es dabei völlig frei, mit welchen Motiven, Farben und Materialien er seine Treppenhaus-Wand gestaltet.


the special touch

kinda the same i want to do. cool blog: http://www.worldofstencils.blogspot.com/

"Good stencils make the life in a city much more interesting and also give the city a special touch. Most of the stencils are to be seen as a message - so watch out ! This weblog is a collection of stencils from all over the world. I am trying to snap a photo of them wherever I see one. I would like to dedicate this blog to the people doing the stencils because they are the real artists behind it."

stencil 0.4

another piece found in the susannenstraße (sternschanze) in hamburg ofc. really cool comic-style by http://pasteup.de/. in the top-left edge you can see little lucy by el bocho.

song 0.1

i love music by mike skinner, who is "the streets" and makes awesome unique english hiphop/rapmusic. also found him on http://www.babelgum.com which is a really cool site for urban videos i discovered today. mainly check out the text of which i quoted some words below.

The Streets - Everything is borrowed

When the wind of change whistles into play
Will I blink or flinch away?

The wind of change won't whistle me away
If I spin my tails and sail. 

And sail away, let yesterday become today.  


ok, so this is just insane! street art artist evol proves that street art is more than graffiti and common forms of public art. watch the movie and read more about it here:





later dude

 ok, enough for today. my motivation will be back tomorrow (hopefully). i'm ending with two quotes of banksy, who is simply the best at street art in my opinion.

People say graffiti is ugly, irresponsible and childish. But that's only if it's done properly.

You know what hip-hop has done with the word 'nigger' - I'm trying to do that with the word vandalism, bring it back.

stencil 0.3

also found in tübingen. i especially like the capitalism piece, saw it before in a book i think. really cool! the one in the middle appears a bit odd.

stencil 0.2

like u can see on the right hand side, a funny stencil sprayed in tübingen. i was there a few weeks ago and saw some interesting and funny pieces on the old walls of the city. the "falafel" and "currywurst" theme is great, but i don't know from who it is, anonymous art probably. catch it!


layout artwork

y the way the layout photography is brought to you by stephen shore, an american photographer born in 1947. see some of his work for example on this page:

i'm feeling a bit bad by "destructing" his pictures for my stupid layout, so here are the crude photos.


getting started - stencil 0.1

great stencil by mindfuck. u can see it at the haus73 in hamburg.

this fine piece of art gave me the kick to finally start this blog right away. i hope to hang on with posting. i'm happy about every single comment!