zevs is a extremly clever and funny street artist. he has a lot of smart ideas to reinvent the city and to turn around the force of advertisement. just have a look at his homgepage and you'll understand what i mean... love it!

ron english

"this is the real thing. this is free speech. this is what it looks like."
(-ron english)

billboard liberating, amsterdam, 2005

inside outside - a street art movie

awesome movie about the work and attitudes of popular street artists such as swoon, os gemeos and zevs ... watch it!


os gemeos special

i googles some work of the two well known brasilian twins Gustavo und Ot├ívio Pandolfo, os gemeos. their style is just unique and their attitude towards street art, the city and all the scene, too (as you can see in the movie posted next to this post). also they painted their yellow figures in so many countries aroudn the wordl, that it just deserves a lot oof respect. 
i really like their artwork ...

 mural in berlin

"the only thing we care for is the need of showing our thoughts."

 mural in heerlen

"we leave it up to other people to classify it."



"our ancestors used to paint the caves, now there are no more caves, only the concrete-jungle"


banksy movie

there is a movie, created by the most famous street artist banksy, coming out soon! it's called "exit through the giftshop" and reports about all the little accidents happening to an street artist at his work ...