bronco & heidi k.

funny streetart-dialogue between street artist bronco and heidi k. in berlin:



nice geometric 3d-sculpture by skount. the impressive contrast between graffiti-like sculpture and the more rural context makes this a great piece in my opinion.

via: http://www.rebelart.net/diary/

os gemeos II

another brilliant wall by the os gemeos twins. this time they went up and down the wall with graffiti-legend futura 2000!


os gemeos

Superb new mural by the os gemeos twins in san diego!

via: unurthurbanshit


true colors

nice stop-motion-movie by quintessenz, watch it!



escif at the "insitu festival" in spain.

via: http://www.rebelart.net/


xylo's "suicide phone" and razor.

via: http://www.rebelart.net/


zevs at the "no limits in the streets" festival in moskau.

via: http://www.rebelart.net/



the italian street artist blu created an awesome stop motion video of an incredible length and super quality. it is a wall painted animation movie about evolution: “A short unscintific story about evolution and his consequences”.



brandshof hamburg

one of my favourite places in hamburg. brandshof is a vacant industrial harbour-building on the riverside of the elbe. it is located between the two parts of the elbbrücken-bridges and it is an awesome atmosphere there. you can find many graffiti and a little street art there, too.


some works of berlins' street artist kowalski from 2006-2008. pourly the works are gone already, street art is ephemeral of course. so this is just a reminder.


el bocho in paris

berlins' famous street artist el bocho presents his artwork in the galerie lignes 13 in paris. he also went on the streets of paris to glue some of his great pieces. everything is well documented on his site, too (via: http://www.elbocho.net/).


1010 in poland

more great photos and the documentation of the process on justs' blog: just ekosystem

up there!

short documentation (via woostercollective) about handpainted advertisement in new york by a common beer brand. well done film though... enjoy!

UP THERE from The Ritual Project on Vimeo.


berlin trip IV - el bocho

last but not least some posters and paste ups by el bocho. love these, too! little lucy really hates her kitti!

berlin trip III - dolk

also found in berlin - dolks' famous banksy-like stencils... really nice!

berlin trip II - alias

you can find alias' work pretty much everywhere in berlin, really a lot of large and well done mulit-layer-stencils, i love his work, although i don't have a clue who he is... kind of the german banksy though...

 prenzlauer berg



near friedrichshain - also to see left... el bocho

berlin trip I - various artists

i've been in berlin for a few days and found some fine art on the streets. below a selection of street art pieces from the streets of berlin. enjoy!


berlin-mitte hackesche höfe

the people from kunsthaus tacheles pretty much hate banksy, "fuck banksy" is written beside the thrower

nomad designed this fire wall

a lot of these cool birds are walking along the walls in berlin prenzlauer berg

original sprayer of zürich?!


fying förtress

piece of flying förtress from the stairways at stilwerk in hamburg. förtress is also in action at the moment at the 'turmkunst' in berlin.


the ephemeral rebellion online

watch the street art documentary "the ephemeral rebellion" on arte+7 online:

have fun!


secret wars in hamburg

on 25th of march the secret wars euroleague took place in hamburg city for the first time ever. the battle was team hamburg vs. team london and it was GREAT!! the teams created two awesome pieces on the two 2*4-metre-walls in 90 minutes by using only a few black markers.

secret wars euro league: http://www.secretwarseuroleague.com/

final piece team hamburg

artwork in progress

besides the artwork there were nice beats played by a dj, a beat-box performance by reaps one and a excited crowd of fans. all the action ended in judging the pieces by applause and two expert judges. and at least team hamburg won with 2:1 points!

the two walls were auctioned for viva con agua.

on 13th of may there will be the next battle: team hamburg vs. team amsterdam. i'm already excited. below all the links, pictures and vids you don't want to miss:


anus one

 flawn for team london