secret wars in hamburg

on 25th of march the secret wars euroleague took place in hamburg city for the first time ever. the battle was team hamburg vs. team london and it was GREAT!! the teams created two awesome pieces on the two 2*4-metre-walls in 90 minutes by using only a few black markers.

secret wars euro league: http://www.secretwarseuroleague.com/

final piece team hamburg

artwork in progress

besides the artwork there were nice beats played by a dj, a beat-box performance by reaps one and a excited crowd of fans. all the action ended in judging the pieces by applause and two expert judges. and at least team hamburg won with 2:1 points!

the two walls were auctioned for viva con agua.

on 13th of may there will be the next battle: team hamburg vs. team amsterdam. i'm already excited. below all the links, pictures and vids you don't want to miss:


anus one

 flawn for team london

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